6 Sports Massage Techniques | 3 Key Principles Of Sports Massage

sports massage techniques

Sports Massage Techniques for Athletes want good palms and fingers to make clutch catches, to the dam and deal with opponents, and to throw and grip a ball or bat. Sturdy palms and fingers are additionally vital for relieving tight muscle tissues and joints earlier than and after practices, video games, and exercises. A stiff muscle or joint not solely hinders vary of movement, it additionally impairs Sports Massage Techniques and train efficiency.

Use the next DIY Sports Massage Techniques for frequent joint and muscle soreness and stiffness across the elbows, knees, wrists, shoulders, ankles, toes and typical muscle hassle spots—e.g., hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, hips, groin, shoulders, chest and decrease, center and higher again.


Don’t apply these therapeutic Sports Massage Techniques on swollen joints, cuts or bruised areas, muscle tears, painful strains or sprains, or damaged bones. Therapeutic massage promotes warmth by aiding bloodstream to tissue, so massaging an already-inflamed space can worsen fairly than heal an harm.

Sports Massage Techniques

Deep Tissue Trigger Point Pressure

Making use of agency strain together with your second and third fingers, or utilizing your knuckles. Or only a thumb for 10 seconds on tender set off factors deep inside muscle tissue and round a joint. Erases stiffness and helps remove soreness.

Urgent deeply into these set off factors is mostly painful—so maintain and tolerate the discomfort for 10 seconds, then launch.

Deep Tissue Trigger Point Pressure
Deep Tissue Trigger Point Pressure

Repeat two or 3 times with much less strain on the identical set of the level after which transfer elsewhere, trying to find a different set of factors.

For hard-to-reach areas such because of the higher, center and decrease again, rear deltoids, hamstrings, and hips, mendacity sideways. Or in a supine place can facilitate the Sports Massage Techniques fairly than attempting to succeed in these areas from a standing or seated place.

Cross Fiber Friction Strokes

A substitute for deep tissue set off level strain. Use your thumb to use a number of agency fanning strokes throughout a good muscle to launch pressure. That is known as cross fiber friction.

For instance, to alleviate a sore and stiff groin, carry out this method in a seated place. By firmly urgent with the thumb and rubbing throughout the groin, performing broad sweeping strokes throughout the internal thigh. Cross-fiber friction strokes additionally successfully break up scar tissue in Sports Massage Techniques.

Cross Fiber Friction Strokes
Cross Fiber Friction Strokes
Compression Therapeutic massage

Carry out compression actions, specializing in a specific muscle group (e.g., quadriceps) utilizing both one hand over the opposite atop the muscle and urgent up and down with the palm, or by utilizing one hand and going up and down with the palm. Compression actions loosen tight muscle tissues and ease soreness, particularly after you carry out the extra intense deep tissue set off level strain and/or cross fiber friction strokes for Sports Massage Techniques.

Compression Therapeutic massage
Jostling Massage

The final method–jostling–is meant to loosen up the muscle. Grip the muscle (e.g., triceps or hamstrings) together with your hand and shake it for about 10 seconds. Repeat two or 3 times. Jostling is great not just for eliminating muscle stiffness, but additionally for assuaging muscle cramps (e.g., within the calves), which frequently happen throughout practices and video games in sizzling or humid climate.

Jostling Massage
Jostling Massage

Deep Swedish Therapeutic massage

Muscle-specific purposes of the usual effleurage, petrissage, vibration, and tapotement massage strategies.

Deep Swedish Therapeutic massage

Lymphatic Therapeutic massage

Stimulation of specialized lymphatic-drainage pathways, which improves the body¹s elimination of edemas and effusion in massage.

Lymphatic Therapeutic massage
Lymphatic Therapeutic massage

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Three Key Principles of Sports Massage

Three particular ideas are very important to understanding what sort of Sports Massage Techniques to use to an athlete at any given time. I name these ideas the “when what and why” of sports activities therapeutic massage: Timing, Method, and Intent.

  • Timing refers to when the therapeutic massage is given: pre-event or post-event; throughout restoration; throughout an upkeep interval; or when an athlete suffers a harm that requires rehabilitation.
  • Method refers to what software you make the most of and might embody various totally different strategies: effleurage; friction; petrissage; vibration; shaking; compression; broadening strokes; direct strain; cross-fiber friction; vary of movement; and stretching.
  • Intent refers to your cause(s) for remedy: as a warm-up; to extend bloodstream; stimulate neurological pathways; support restoration from exertion; improve flexibility; enhance power, or enhance posture.

Let’s take a look at just a few examples of how timing, method and intent work. If it’s worthwhile to present a pre-event therapeutic massage, and the intent is to warm-up and improve bloodstream, I’d use strategies corresponding to friction, compression, shaking and stretching for Sports Massage Techniques.

It’s worthwhile to present a post-event massage, and the intent is to help restoration from exertion, I’d use effleurage, petrissage, compression, broadening strokes and vary of movement. And If you’re working with an injured athlete, and your intent is to help the correct formation of scar tissue, I’d use effleurage, compression and cross-fiber friction, adopted by ice remedy and motion.

As you’ll be able to in all probability inform, understanding Sports Massage Techniques is rarely so simple as studying one method or sort of modality … or simply “working deep.” Sports Massage therapist who understands the three key ideas of sports massage ought to be capable to apply the suitable remedy at the applicable time.

Each sports massage therapist ought to ask himself or herself the next questions earlier than starting a session:
  • What’s the intent of the therapeutic massage I’m about to offer?
  • What are physiologic modifications within the tissue I attempting to create?
  • What are therapeutic massage strategies best at creating such modifications?
Observe-up with these self-questions after the session is accomplished:
  1. Did I obtain the specified physiological change within the tissue?
  2. Is the athlete happy with the remedy?

Mastering the applying of sports massage takes years of training and expertise, to not point out a love of athletics. Nobody modality, method or method works each time. It’s the love of what you do, and the folks you’re employed with, that allow you to excellent your sports massage method. I hope this data is useful, and I hope you get pleasure from being part of the therapeutic massage remedy occupation.